I think about how badly my back hurts when you give an inch and I take a mile. Politics aside, I don't think it's wise to stare down the sun or the moon or the barrel of a gun.   Likewise, I suppose it remains ill advised to sing songs unannounced, or in strange places... Continue Reading →



Generation let's go get behind the wheel gen fast gen sleek gen peel.   Hey man be gone out west down there by the beach where it's real.   Money kid slow lane out east trying to think trying to feel.    

good lord

I think the most interesting thing about me is that I own nightstands and get high on the weekends.   i travel to soccer games and football posts hidden behind a captain and coke.   i'm cool because of the pot. At least you think so really, it's all that I got.   I'm scared,... Continue Reading →


I can't write when I'm sober or drunk or high as fuck.   i listen to shit music and talk about converse sneakers. Muse makes me dance but so does the wine.


I wonder what it's like to be her. Stand in front of her mirror and spray my hair with her smell.   i want to wear her clothes and lay in her sheets. I want to wear her clothes and scratch her skin. Know her head read her mind swim in her thoughts.   I... Continue Reading →


I wonder if the green shoots in my garden are the flowers I planted last fall or part of the milkweed growing by the riverbank. If it's the flowers, maybe they will be in by mid July. Milkweed, well, maybe we'll get butterflies. Not the kind that sit in my stomach. Or the ones that... Continue Reading →


Blade my grass and stalk my flower. Cut the vines that climb my tower.   Skin to breathe and lines to trace, read my lips but not my face.   Bare my cross, oh won't you, dear? Scatter the splinters far from here.   Bones beneath a road mapped skin, I'm far too gone to... Continue Reading →


Let me drift down into this sea of discontent wearing the jeans I used to pay the last months rent.    

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