Thinly Veiled

If you have to ask I guess I'd have to tell you. Not that you did or even could, but I'll assume you are curious, probably having been for some time. About why it happened or how. About why you'll never hear the real truth and why it's impossible to tell. It might come out... Continue Reading →


Spare Parts

If the part of you needs the part of me that's restless like a stone that never sleeps alone and doesn't stop to think and never sleeps a wink,   Then the part of me that wants the part of you could never find a way to keep you here to stay or convince you... Continue Reading →

Birth Right

Rewriting the lines of what never was is painful as it is necessary. A preponderance of memories dipped in acetone and hung to dry alludes itself to a wave of grief stuck somewhere in low tide. Straight pins with pearled ends impaled on a map strewn with the bones of un-negotiated borders and neglected valleys.... Continue Reading →


Lining her lips isn't born of pleasure or a wanton definition of borders and boundaries. It's an ode to what is and what can't that lives in coral and pink drawn on the edge of lies.    

Him, they said.

Pick them up to put them down or string them inbetween. Loose ends and skin tight can't be both, it seems.   Made our way to kingdom come just to pay the rent. Living well and dying young on time we're only lent.   Dancing past that daily bread not meant for us or you.... Continue Reading →


All these things She laid them bare To the heavens and the skies.   One in the same She should have known Just another of their lies.   Piece by Piece She'd bring them in To sit and rust and break.   Little trinkets She sells herself The cost of a life to fake.  ... Continue Reading →

Apples And The Unannounced

I've never liked apple trees. Just a nuisance plaguing backyards and roadsides, alike. They should be with their own kind, in well maintained orchards off interstate exits in the middle of nowhere. Places with pesticides and migrant workers, picking the fruit well before it rots on the ground in a waiting pile of bees. Rude... Continue Reading →

Building In The Snow

Did anyone really delve into a copy of People while waiting for such important appointments? And why were there always so many varieties? Did one person lay claim to all of these subscriptions? Or was it a collective effort on the part of the staff to bring otherwise disposed of Life and Style, Fish and Stream and Marie Claire? Or did one person really foot the bill to have a well stocked office coffee table?

Burden of the Sun

I don't like not knowing where I'm going or where you're going or where the sun's going. Especially when it dips down low behind the clouds and the trees and the wind. I'm afraid the birds will be frightened and start searching for it, they'll fly too close to the ground and break their beaks... Continue Reading →

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